EFFR wire

"India's first Advance FR PVC Extra flexible Germfree Antibacterial (as per JIS Z 2801 & ASTM 2149 standard) wires with an additional high value functional properties those act as an active ingredient for biocides that prevents the antimicrobial surface effects providing an additional protection, restriction on growth of the bacteria and thereby supporting in extended product and human life.

Also the advanced formulated PVC of special ingredients with extra fire fighting properties and higher oxygen & temperature index than those of normal PVC. These wires contain stress inhalers that does not break conductor supported by extra 60% annealing and also enhances the flexibility & bending capability providing excellent performance even in harsh electrical conditions. The higher bending capacity (15% to 20% more bending than other building wires), results in enhanced bending radius & is more economical too. Plus, India's only wire with 101%++ conductivity, reduced heat generation and saving considerable power resulting in reduced electricity bills".

panasonic wire germ free for safer lifestyle as they assure flexibillity and germ free protection. Best for residential and commercial wiring.